Drostanolone Propionate

Drostanolone propionate is a dht derived anabolic steroid. Specifically nandrolone phenylpropionate is the dht hormone that has been structurally altered by the addition of a methyl group at the carbon 2 position this protects the hormone from the metabolic breakdown by the 3- hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase enzyme which is found in the skeletal muscle. It also greatly increases the hormone's anabolic nature this simple structural change is all it takes to create drostanolone, and from here the short propionate ester is attacched in order to control the hormone's release time.

Drostanolone propionate is well-known for being one of the only anabolic steroids with strong anti-estrogenic properties. This is why it has been effective in the treatment of breast cancer.

Half Life Time
4 days

Side Effects
Hair Loose, Androgenic Side Effects

Using Dosage
100-200 mg EOD injection