Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone cypionate is a single large ester base testosterone compound. This is a pure synthetic testosterone hormone that has a carboxyl acid ester attached in enanthate the ester itself is attached to the hormone at the 17-beta hydroxyl group. By attaching the cypionate ester, this allows for a control of the hormones active duration and total release time.Once injected,the testestosterone does not become active until the ester begins to detach from the hormone.The total detachment does not happen all at once but allows for a slow steady release of the active hormone into the body. Once injected there will be sharp spike in testosterone within the first 24-48 hours post injection. From here the hormone will continually separate and dissipate through the body. By its time frame,Testosterone enanthate carries a half life of approximately 8 days which will allow for as little as one injection every 2 weeks in a therapeutic setting. However every 8-11 days will prove far more effective in maintaining stability.

Half Life Time
16 days

Side Effects
Libido Raising, Water Retention, Rage

Using Dosage
250-2000 mg weekly injection